JP Knight's Safety Management

JP Knight's culture is built around Safety and the Environment. We pioneered the ISM system in our industry and were the first in the world to achieve certification in 1996. Our Safety Management System not only focuses on the protection of our crews and staff but also encompasses the protection of the environment in which we operate and to have a minimal impact on the lives of local river communities.


Central to our SMS is understanding the human factor. We believe that our Crewmembers are the business: because of this we have an evolutionary safety culture that for the client translates into an effective, cost-efficient marine transport service delivering reliability round the clock.

Risk assessments, including reporting procedures and detailed analysis are the tools we use to reduce risk in all areas of our operation. Our objective is to remove risk wherever possible and maintain our lost time incidents at zero.

Maritime training is rigorous and is governed by International Regulations. We ensure that our crews are fully trained and hold the appropriate certification for their rank. We have also initiated a training scheme for local crew who would otherwise not have access to this quality and level of training.

Our Safety Management System is meticulously scrutinised to ensure it is fit for purpose through the mechanism of both internal auditing and external audit process undertaken annually by Lloyds’ Register. We have successfully held ISM certification since 1996.