• Location:
    Berbice River, Guyana, South America
  • Dates:
    1990 – 2006
  • Cargo:
    Dried bauxite
  • Delivered tonnage:
    In excess of 24 million tonnes
  • Total distances:
    750,000 nautical miles by river and 350,000 miles coastal

In the land of many waters; from mine to river to sea.

In Guyana, JP Knight delivered a total of 24 million tonnes of dried bauxite 120 miles downstream on the Berbice River then coastwise to a transhipment facility for onward export.

The principal challenge was to balance the transport capacity of the barging function with near-constant supply at the mine and irregular export bulk carrier arrivals. The river conditions dictated very shallow draft barges and with a bend every thirty minutes a high degree of barge handling was essential from JP Knight’s Guyanese and European officers and crew.

Key services: Covered flat-deck barges, River pusher tugs, Ship handling tugs, Deep sea tugs, Launch tugs, Crane barge, Bobcats.